Short Answers to Specific Questions

I’ll be perfectly frank; I don’t like blogs. For the most part, I think they’re pretentious, self centered, and everytime someone references “my audience” when they’re not talking about a show they were headlining at Shoreline, I have the mild urge to cram a squirrel in ’em.

That being said, though, I’ve often thought that if I were ever to start a blog, in addition to whatever hare-brained reason I had for doing it in the first place, I would also try to add a little bit to the sum total of human knowledge by occasionally posting the one thing I’m always grateful for when I’m lucky enough to find it: the short answer to the specific question.

From now on, when I’m searching for one specific piece of information, or the answer to a very direct technical question, I’ll try to post it here, so on the off chance that someone else is looking for it, they might stumble on it. You never know.

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